Al Mercato

About us

Al Mercato Ristorante was created in 2010, the idea of Eugenio Roncoroni and Beniamino Nespor, childhood friends in Milan. Both Beniamino and Eugenio have culinary formations which began in Italy, and  variously continued in the Basque countries onwards over the Atlantic Ocean and all the way to California.
Today the gastronomical restaurant is guided by Eugenio and his sous chef, Francesca Lecchi, who propose two menu configurations, one of which more experimental and the other traditional Milanese. The proposed menus follow the seasonality of the products and the more creative offerings have a strong international influence. Furthermore, every evening, off-menu creations which include mainly wild game, offal or the catch of the day are available.
For lunch the proposed menu is lighter and offers also sandwiches and a salad bar. With a 24 hour heads-up the evening menu can also be offered.
The front of the house is guided by Angelo Gunness, a young sommelier who manages the wine list, which is in constant evolution.

Our Chef

Chef Eugenio Roncoroni. Half Milanese (father), half from San Francisco (mother) meets the kitchen as a place of refuge of fantasy and liberation from the obligations of day-after-day life and its established order, even for fun.
During the University, which also attracts several good results, the opportunity to move to the USA is born. Here, he dives into a series of work experiences in the place that most inspired him: the kitchen.
Years of work without any break with the first masters, then returning to Europe where it will work for another 5 years, from the restaurants behind the house to the starry ones, to the hotels.
Commitment without reliance on learning in a field that does not give anything. Some jumping around the world. Until the creation of AL MERCATO with Beniamino, who will remain his mate for ever.


“Macinato a cinque stelle.”


“Formula originale e moderna di due giovani chef.”


“Apprezzate le dimensioni, l’originalità, la qualità – tutto…cosa sapreste fare di meglio?”


“L’imperativo della sottrazione…”


Contact us

COVID-19: Due to the emergency situation, our Restaurant is now open but will offer only Menu of the day, that you can discuss with our Chef. Please  Call us at: 02 8723 7167 for reservation or write to :
CF/P.IVA: 06980470964



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