Al Mercato
Noodle Bar

About us

Al Mercato Noodle Bar is the third challenge of our chef: open on July 2013. Ubiquitously, Street Food, but with a strong Asian influence: excellent cocktails and libations are offered, accompanied by a varied and constantly innovative food selection. A Singapore Sling could be paired with a Yakitori, or Dim Sum, Noodles and numerous other dishes with unconventional flavors, prepared exclusively in-house, using artisanal recipes with a scrupulous attention to gourmet quality.
A carefully selected location, directly across the street from the world renowned and cosmopolitan Bocconi University of Milan. Open to and frequented by students from around the globe, most famously on an international level, is their prestigious Faculty of Economics.

Our Chef

Lo Chef Eugenio Roncoroni. Always he, always restless. By challenging the laws of the market, which would suggest replication of the winning line, here is a 180 degree jump: you go from the other side of the world. Taking into account the experience of long years of work in San Francisco and of repeated trips to the East, our chef has decided to launch itself into the challenge of revised oriental cuisine, always with the aim of offering flavors and quality preparations. Where necessary and inevitable with some ingredient and nostrils, but not so much. The pancake of alga Wakame is one of the many examples.

Eugenio Roncoroni


La squadra
The NOODLE team is a multiethnic brigade of young people, who tattooed those who are not, all very busy. The most really good. Surely they interpret their work knowing that at NOODLE you cannot stay quiet: you have to run … and run quickly! Chef is taking care of you …



“Il cibo tailandese più moderno di strada.”


“Incredibile esplosione di sapori”


“La novità di Al Mercato è il Noodle Bar e mi piace”


“Dim sum…fra i più buoni mai assaggiati”


Contact us

Join us at Viale Bligny, 3
20136 Milano
To reserve a table: *** CHIUSO ***
CF/P.IVA: 06980470964


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