Al Mercato
Burger Bar

About us

Al Mercato Burger Bar open on Sept 2011, six month after AL Mercato Restaurant Gourmet. In fact, it is its natural evolution as “street food”. Underlaying idea is: we can do something special working also on the simplest e most well known recipes. To day, this is the place where you can taste one of the best burger in Milan and, may be, in Italy, but not only. We started with Burger, now we challange you with street food specialities from all over the world. What do we mean ? We can let you taste unusual alternatives, from the most traditional Carne salada ad mushrooms sandwich to the north european Nordic tartine (Herrings, grille bread, sweet mustard, roasted fennel,fermented radishes), from Mexican nachos with minced meat, guacamole, sour cream and “ad hoc” dressing prepared from our kitchen, to exotic Cuban sandwiches, and … much more to discover on the menu (that changes every season).
Service with good music, good bier, intersting wine selection in a young and informal atmosphere.
Would you like to be seated in a more formal place with … different music? Please come on the other side of the kitchen to our Restaurant; you can taste the same specialities if you like and something else.

Our Chef

Lo Chef Eugenio Roncoroni. Half Milanese (father), half from San Francisco (mother) meets the kitchen as a place of refuge of fantasy and liberation from the obligations of day-after-day life and its established order, even for fun.
During the University, which also attracts several good results, the opportunity to move to the USA is born. Here, he dives into a series of work experiences in the place that most inspired him: the kitchen.
Years of work without any break with the first masters, then returning to Europe where it will work for another 5 years, from the restaurants behind the house to the starry ones, to the hotels.
Commitment without reliance on learning in a field that does not give anything. Some jumping around the world. Until the creation of AL MERCATO with Beniamino, who will remain his mate for ever.

Eugenio Roncoroni


La squadra
The AL MARCATO team is a young salad of intrepid fearlessness that, for work and for passion, give all their energy to make this place a special experience for those who come to know it and will attend it assiduously. Because there are no places like AL MERCATO, that’s for sure.



“Ottimi Hamburger. Da provare!”


“Formula originale e moderna di due giovani chef.”


“Apprezzate le dimensioni, l’originalità, la qualità – tutto…cosa sapreste fare di meglio?”


“L’hamburger dei sogni.”


Contact us

Join us at Via S.Eufemia, 16
20122 Milano
To reserve a table ***Restaurant ONLY***:
Tel 02 87237167
CF/P.IVA: 06980470964


Opening hours

Monday *** CLOSED ***
Tuesday 12.30am-3 pm / 7.30-11 pm
Wednesday 12.30am-3 pm / 7.30-11 pm
Thursday 12.30am-3 pm / 7.30-11 pm
Friday 12.30am-3 pm / 7.30-11 pm
Saturday 12.30am-3 pm / 7.30-11 pm
Sunday 12.30am-4 pm / 7.30-11 pm